Chic ways to style your female trench coat

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Female trench coats are very fashionable. They make a great fashion statement. Trench coats have been around for quite a long while back to the time of World War I. Army officers who worked in the trenches wore them hence the name. Female trench coats have become very trendy. You might just need one in your wardrobe.

Trench coats make you look elegant. They give redefine the look of other outfits you pair them with. Trench coats are worn by most women both in spring and winter. Sometimes they are even worn in summer. Trench femme are very versatile.

Here are a few ways you can style your coat to make a great fashion statement.

Chic ways to style your female trench coat

Trench coats can be your go-to-wear at different seasons of the year. Trench coats can be styled in several ways. You just need to combine it with the right outfits, shoes, and accessories. Let’s look at few ways to style your trench coats.

1. Female Trench coats and jeans

Wearing a trench coat with a pair of jeans gives you a casual look. It has a laid-back effect whether it is with skinny or a mom jean. You could wear a turtle neck top or sweater with it.

2. Female Trench coats and skirts

Trench coats with skirts are very beautiful. Although you can combine them with any kind of skirt, they look pretty with a short-fitted skirt or a knee-length pleated skirt. Throwing in a boot with this looks chic.

3. Trench coats over dresses

Combining a trench coat with a dress is a personal favorite. It looks so elegant. You could dress it up with a little black dress or a sleek dress with a nice neckline. A trench coat comes in handy to dress up or dress down an outfit. It all depends on the occasion. They can make a basic dress look elegant.

4. Trench coats and a suit

When going to the office or business meetings, a trench coat and a suit is a nice combo. Business trench coats work just fine with a skirt suit or pantsuit. However, combining the wrong coat with your suit could result in a fashion disaster. It is best to go for neutral colors coats like black, grey, and brown that seats quite well with other colors.

5. Trench coats and leggings

For chilly weather, wearing a trench coat and a pair of leggings could be a perfect fit. It is a nice outfit to run some errands or have coffee with the girls. You can also dress it up with a short skirt over the leggings and a pair of boots.

6. Scarves over trench coats

While scarves keep you warm, they are a great idea to make an outfit pop. Throwing in a silk scarf over your trench coat could go for official gatherings. Huddling a knit scarf around your neck with a pair of pants or leggings can work for a casual look.


There are different types of trench coats thus how you style them matters a lot. If not combined with the right outfits, it can lead to a fashion disaster.

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