July 14, 2020

Designing The Ideal Bathroom Vanity

The modern bathroom design is primarily defined by its look. Straight, uncluttered counter spaces, coupled with clean lines as well as geometric shapes, have been dominating the vanity set┬ál scape of late.

Modern design is clearly taking a departure from the ornate detailed conventional interior design theme. Today, most people are going for the rare type of bathroom vanities, just like we shall look at the basics in the next chapter.

An exceptional bathroom vanity needs careful planning besides having finer details. Of course, there are always multiple decisions that need to be made, ranging from the layout of the room to style   the types of countertops you should invest in. The process offers you an original game plan that you can follow when designing a new vanity space.  

Choose An Ideal Layout

Prior to making a decision based on the color you want   the fixtures, you need to have a clear comprehension regarding the type of vanity you would like to have in place. What is it going to be? A galley layout has two main vanity spaces.

Every space can have a sink. You can also use a single space to wash up   devote the other one for seating. These days, many bathrooms have horizontal vanities that come with a section of cabinetry. Such vanities are not just efficient but take full advantage of the available storage as well as the counter space.

Determine The Actual Number Of Sinks

Can your vanity accommodate the number of sinks that you are thinking of having? You should find one style that can easily accommodate that. If faced with a choice, homeowners would choose double sinks.

But there are always space restrictions in many cases. That is why you need to be aware of the exact number of sinks a vanity can accommodate. That way, you can rest assured that the number is enough as you use the extra room there is for more counter space.

Choosing The Style Of Your Choice

Now that you have found the right layout for your vanity,   determined the actual number of sinks you would like to have, you can go ahead   make a bold decision regarding the style of vanity you would like to have.

What design do you need? Do you have a preference for conventional cabinets or antique furniture? Would you rather have a pedestal sink? If you like the traditional vanities, then you need to weigh in on a few elements:

  • Would you like to have drawers on the vanity?
  • What door style do you prefer?
  • What colors do you have a preference for?

Your bathroom vanity does not really have to be built-in. You can go for free-st ing vanities since they are not attached to the walls. This implies that they can come with open shelving that features different furniture-style details.

Final Thoughts

For that contemporary home, there is definitely no ideal choice than a unique modern bathroom vanity with a sleek design   stylish vessel sink. You could also go for a floating vanity, commonly mounted to the walls, since it comes with open space right below the structure.

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