Dressing the Plus-Sized Body

by Hayley
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It can be tough having a plus-sized body type as a tall woman. Luckily, more designers and stores are catering to the plus-sized frame, making it easier to find stylish and attractive clothing. When dressing your plus-sized body, it’s important to avoid clothing that billows or tents your figure, as these items will just make you look bigger. Instead, stick to items that skim your figure and help define your waist.

Choose pants that fit your widest point. Whether you’re widest around your hips, butt or thighs, purchase pants that fit that point. This may mean going up a size or two, but trust me, there’s nothing that makes a person look bigger than wearing clothing that looks too small. You can always have the pants tailored for a better fit.
Avoid boot cut or flared pants or jeans. Boot cut and flared pants hug your hips and thighs, then flare out at the bottom. As a woman with a plus-sized frame, you want to create clean, straight lines rather than adding an extra dimensions. Stick to wide-leg, straight-leg or skinny pants to give you that longer, leaner look.

Choose tops and dresses with an empire waist. An empire waist works well on a plus-sized figure on two levels: first, it creates a visual waistline, and second, it separates your breasts from your torso, helping accentuate your curves. Highlighting your natural waistline won’t have this same double-duty effect.

Put together monochromatic outfits. This doesn’t mean you have to wear one solid color, but it does mean that the clothing you wear should be in the same color palette. This will give your frame a longer, leaner look. For instance, you could match a dark gray trouser jean with a black button-down blouse with an empire waist. Similarly, you could mix-and-match fabrics or patterns, adding interest to your outfit while staying in a monochromatic color palette.

Accessorize with long, eye-catching chains. Choosing long chains that stand out from your outfit will draw the eye in, highlighting your body’s central point. If you’re wearing a mostly dark outfit, choose a bright color or a metallic chain. If you’re wearing light colors, go for a dark, bold chain.

Wear structured, hip-length blazers that button just below your bust. Structured blazers are more likely to stay put and won’t wrinkle or gap in an unflattering way. Plus, a close-fitting, structured blazer can serve to “hold you in,” and flatter your frame. By choosing a two- or three-button blazer that buttons under your bust, you’re creating the same sort of “empire waist” look, without an empire waist.

Choose open necklines. When dressing tall women’s plus-sized figure, it’s important to really emphasize the neck and shoulders, some of your most gorgeous assets. Avoid high-necked outfits, opting instead for v-, scoop- and boat-necked tops.
Opt for Knee-Length Pencil Skirts. A pencil skirt will hug your body close, accentuating your overall length, while still letting you show off your killer calves.

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