Factors to Consider when Selecting the Best Showerhead

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There is no doubt that a handheld showerhead brings so much joy while taking a bath. There are many other showerheads you can consider buying depending on your needs and preferences. However, you can be sure that a handheld shower head will serve you different purposes, and there are distinct reasons why you can opt for this type of showerhead. Apart from a handheld showerhead, the following are other common showerheads people use at home.

Ceiling– These ones are also known as rain showerheads, and they come fixed to a long arm that is attached to the shower section. The flow of water has a pattern similar to the rainfall, and it points directly to the person taking a bath.

Wall-mounted Single-head– This showerhead is attached directly to the shower elbow. It is the common type of showerhead used in most homesteads because of its flexibility and ease of use.

Note: Before you consider getting your ideal showerhead, ensure you do some basic research and decide on the one that will suit your preferences. You can always talk to the service provider about your preferences for guidance.

Considerations You should make before buying a showerhead?

Now that you can differentiate different types of showerheads make sure you evaluate the following before you consider getting one.

Water Pressure

In the market, there are distinct showerheads with different water pressure rates. So, ensure you know the water flow rate at your home and buy a showerhead; you are sure the water will flow through it without facing any technical issues. In most cases, the showerheads require a psi rate of between 40 and 60. If you cannot evaluate the water pressure rate at your home, ensure you ask an expert for guidance. Otherwise, you can end up buying a showerhead that won’t serve you the intended purpose.

The right spray pattern

Different people prefer different shower water patterns, and you will find different showerheads with distinct patterns. However, with sophisticated showerheads, you can always adjust the water pattern to suit your preference. But before then, think of the pattern you prefer, then go for it. Among the common showerhead patterns include:

  • Pulsating- spray water in alternating patterns.
  • Rinse- sprays water out of the central nozzle mainly for soaking.
  • Targeted- sprays the water with force through a few nozzles.
  • Wide- this is the default pattern where the water sprays out of the nozzles at the same speed.

Energy consumption

As much as you will need maximum comfort when using your showerhead, take note of the energy consumption. Showerheads that need extreme water pressure use more energy. So, consult the service providers for an effective showerhead, or do some basic research before buying one.

Design and style

It would help if you also had the design and style of your showerhead in mind. The market has distinct designs, so it should not be a problem to get one that will suit your decoration. However, make sure you don’t go for visual appeal only but also remember other essential factors like durability and ease of use.


Showerheads are an important aspect of the bathroom space. You need a fully-functional and good-looking showerhead that will bring calmness to your bathroom. However, take note of the above factors before buying any of the showerheads.

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