How to Choose Your Baseball Lights

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Every stadium comes with a different kind of lighting. This is mostly because choosing light depends on the kind of sport performed in the field. For baseball, you need to choose a clear baseball light as it helps the audience and players to see what’s happening in the field. Also, reducing the baseball lights¬†glare is important as it helps to reduce the negative effects lights may have on a person’s vision.

In this article, you will find out the requirements of baseball lights and how you can choose a perfect one.

Ideal Design of a Stadium Baseball Light

1. Height of Lighting Poles

Because it’s a stadium, the height of the light poles should be considered first. That’s because it determines how wide the illumination of the stadium would go. It should also be positioned in a manner that the rays don’t hit directly on the eyes of the player or audience.

2. Position of Fixtures

Where’s the position of your light pole? This is a question that demands an answer from you when planning to set up the light. Depending on who your team is competing with, the light pole can come in different sizes such as; 4, 6, 8 poles. If you want a higher level of illumination, you can choose the 8-poles.

3. Design for International Competitions

If you’re designing for international competitions, the aiming of the light must be put into consideration. Your main aim for design must correspond with the sameness of the stadium and the players’ shadows. The light should be installed in a manner it doesn’t negatively affect either the athletes or their spectators.

How to Choose Baseball Lights

Choosing the right baseball light for the stadium can pose to be a herculean task. That’s because there’s usually a lot of factors to put into consideration while purchasing. They include:

1. Energy Level

Ensure that you’re getting only the high-quality baseball lights. By this, you should get LED lights as they are known to say energy and last for longer hours.

2. Lux Level

The brightness level should also be considered. This helps to enhance the performance and sight of the athletes and spectators. Usually, the brightness level should be high. If the light you got doesn’t have a lot of brightness, then you may want to reconsider.

3. The Number Of Time it Takes Before Starting

This is part of the reason why LED lights are recommended; they don’t take time to warm up and can brighten the stadium in a short time.

4. Optical Design

Your option should feature a more advanced system like LED lights. This would help to spill the light and reduce the glare. Linear lights are used to minimize the residual light. They also help to improve the intensity of the central light.


In all, the safety and overall performance of the baseball players are often determined by lighting. This is more reason why you should invest your time in planning it out. Since you have read this guide, you can trust to make the right decision!

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