How to Spot Fake Human Hair Bundles

by Hayley
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Every now and then, women across the globe are buying human hair bundles with the hope of making lovely wigs out of these bundles. It becomes so disappointing when the human hair bundle you purchased does not reveal its qualities. We live in an era where buying things online is now the norm. There are some obvious risks of buying items like hair bundles online, including discovering that you have the wrong hair type. Looking at the wig picture from the internet, the vendor may have taken time in product photography, and there’s no way the image would not come out nice. It’s deceiving.

Even in offline stores, there are ways they mix their human hair bundles with synthetic products that will make them look real. If you are a buyer that cannot really tell the difference, the chances are high that you will buy the mixed wig. The reason why hair vendors sell fake hair as natural human hair is unknown to anyone – we can only conclude that they are not pleasant people. However, it does not mean that there aren’t hair vendors that sell quality and natural hair extensions. What you can do to protect yourself is to ensure you are not falling for the trickery of any dishonest vendor. The best way to protect yourself from such deception is to know the clear difference between real human hair bundles and fake ones. Here are some steps you can follow

Research adequately

If you want to find fake hair bundles, the first thing to do is what you are already doing – adequate research. Your research can come in the form of texts and images. As much as possible, try to understand the way natural human hair looks in a picture and how to feel it in reality.

Customer reviews

Many hair vendors try to be dubious with their customer reviews. But for reputable brands, customer reviews do not lie. A sane customer would not come out to say a natural hair was fake to disgrace the company. So before you pay for that hair, find out what others are saying.

Touch the fiber

If you have the opportunity to see the hair before you pay (either pay on delivery or in a walking store), you have to feel the fiber. When you touch the fiber of natural human hair, it will feel exactly like your hair. But the synthetic ones have this rubber texture. When you think about it, if you notice the rubber-like texture, don’t just pay. It’s either totally fake, or it is mixed hair.

Check for any tangles

A natural human hair that has not been used in the past will have no tangles whatsoever. The only way a tangle will come is if it has been used in the past. But for a synthetic hair wig, tangles can come without anyone wearing the wig itself. So if you can feel it before you pay for the hair, ensure you try to check for tangles. If you’re buying on the Internet, be sure to confirm that you do not see any tangles from pictures.


In a world where hair vendors will do anything to sell, we have to know how to tell real from fake. You can follow the process in this guide to tell the differences.

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