Methods of Mending a Retractable Garden Hose Reel

by Hayley
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Most quality gardening equipment is available at a considerably high price, and regular replacement can be challenging. For you to enjoy the benefits and service for many years, regular cleaning and maintenance are required. It’s advisable to fix the minor problems in a hose reel instead of waiting for extensive damage to occur, forcing you to replace the parts or get a new hose reel. We discuss the ways of mending a retractable garden hose reel down below.

How to Mend a Retractable Garden Hose Reel

Identify what’s faulty in the reel or seek assistance from a mechanic before the repair. It helps know the tools needed, if you have them in storage, or need to buy them. You also become aware of the capital required to complete the task.

1st Step; Cabinet Fixing

The cabinet comprises several components that need to be checked, like screws and mounting brackets. Confirm that the screws are tight; if not, tighten all loose ones. Some tend to disappear due to regular movements; hence they need to be replaced for proper running. When the mounting brackets loosen up with time, the screw holes are stripped. It would help if you relocated the hose reel and align the holes for smooth screwing. Make the mountain brackets tight till they are firm and secure. Wear and tear damages equipment over time, and eventually, you will need to replace the cabinet.

2nd Step; Ensure all Fittings and Washers are in Place

Most retractable garden hose reels problems are a result of poor joint seals. The washer on the female end of the hose reel is flat and small in size and often gets lost. That on the male end tends to get compressed with time and should be replaced. Fittings are essential pieces in a hose reel but are prone to cracking and warping. This problem leads to frequent buying since the reel can’t function without them. However, it’s easy to switch them with new ones using a screwdriver, and you can find them in any local hardware at an affordable price.

3rd Step; Mending and Replacing

The hose is prone to damages as much as the reel itself. Along its length, small holes may be present caused by sharp objects or pinching. Cracks are also common when exposed to direct sunlight for a long time. You can stop the leakages by cutting out the faulty parts and replacing them with connectors of the same size. Make sure you tighten with a screwdriver to prevent more leakage.

4th Step; Good Care and Maintenance

Proper and regular maintenance is essential for the hose reel to function. Always check it before and after use for minor damages and fix them before they lead to extreme cases. Tighten loose screws like mounting screws, poor connectors and protect the hose too.


Inspecting your hose reel often saves you money and time needed for the repairs. Minor faults are cared for, and you can keep on using them for a while. However, if the damage is extensive, it’s advisable to purchase a new retractable garden reel to increase productivity.

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