Primary Types Of Blotting Paper For Face

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The facial blotter paper is a small sheet of paper that usually comes in a compact package and eliminates excess shine on the skin. Blotting paper for face offers numerous advantages. One is that they are easy to use. All you have to do is dab the paper on the parts of your face with excess shine and let it sit for a few seconds, then move to another area. The paper will absorb the excess oil, leaving your face with a mattified effect. Traditionally, people used tissue paper as blotting paper. However, currently, the market features dozens of blotting paper options specifically designed for cosmetic purposes. This post discusses the various types of blotting paper for face.

Types of blotting paper for face

Contrary to widespread knowledge, there are several types of blotting papers. The various types are set apart by their ingredients and performance. Below are some of the most common types of facial blotting paper;

1. Powdered blotting paper

As the name suggests, this type of blotting paper contains powder as an added ingredient. Traditionally, blotting paper was applied as an alternative for powder or vice versa. The blotting powder was also used as a separate product. However, manufacturers have discovered a way to incorporate both products and make powdered blotting paper. This type does more than remove excess oil and shine from the skin. It offers the added effect of creating a mattified look. Powdered blotting paper is ideal for people with extra oily skin and people who wear a lot of makeup. You can also use powdered blotting paper for setting your makeup.

2. Natural blotting paper

This type is made from natural materials like cotton and flux seed. Some brands use synthetic materials like plastic and vinyl to manufacture blotting paper. Natural blotting paper is made entirely from sustainable material. Most natural blotting paper manufacturers also use cruelty-free and biodegradable materials. They are perfect for people with an affinity for eco-friendly products.

3. Scented blotting paper

Scented blotting paper is made with fragrance as an added material. They are also infused with essential oils that add scent to the papers. The type of essential oil used to make the blotting paper can influence the scent and the impact of the paper on the skin. Most people steer clear of scented blotting paper because it causes skin irritation. However, some essential oils can be a calming element for irritated skin.

4. Unscented blotting paper

As the title suggests, this type is the opposite of scented blotting paper. It does not contain any added essential oils or fragrances. It is perfect for sensitive skin. It is also great for all types of skins. However, the unscented nature of the blotting paper does not automatically mean that it cannot irritate your skin. Other ingredients can irritate the skin. Therefore, it would be wise to analyze the ingredients and consider your skin type when choosing blotting paper.


Besides the types listed above, blotting paper for face can also be categorized based on the brand and application. There is blotting paper for writing, art, and chemical analysis.

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