The Cons Of Purchasing Used Cars In Nigeria

by Hayley
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The car mart in Nigeria is arguably one of the most significant automobiles in Africa. It continues to thrive across the mega population. Thus, many people have resolved to purchase cars from the market due to challenges inherent in acquiring a great bargain within their locality.  

For that reason, we experts recommend that you check the following cons to purchasing your first or second car through the market, including why you should not buy used cars in Nigeria.

The challenges of running a VIN check- this is not going to be a problem if you own relevant data on the phone. But, it is a significant daunting task for many individuals who have succeeded in making payments for their cars without the knowledge of information regarding the flooded history as well as rolled back mileage.

Being professionals in this field, we have inspected a few cars and realized that the most preferred ones had reduced mileages significantly.

Restricted movement – Nigerians would agree that people who have managed to bring in cars into their countries successfully have encountered issues at the customs duty. Usually, the department counts its gains at that moment of purchase. But, the excitement usually fades off quickly.

This is because there is a need to start watching over their shoulders when traveling interstate. The restriction in the movement has a way of delaying the importation of cars into Nigeria. Some people end up going without these cars because of the fear of customs officials.

Paperwork – when purchasing a car from a dealership in Nigeria, you may encounter some perks. There are also aspects you need to be familiar with when making an informed decision. To be successful in your quest, you need to consider whether you want to purchase the car from a dealership or just online.

Either way, you will need to see the paperwork from the seller. If you decide to purchase the car from a private seller, you should supply all the necessary papers. But dealerships always give you all the papers needed for you to read and leave a signature behind. That way, the entire purchasing process will be facilitated.

High import duty – most people believe that cars from Nigeria are slightly cheaper, especially since they were cleared from the Lagos ports. This is not true, particularly in cases where there is an old car, such as the 2003 Toyota Camry. Typically, you would need to pay more for import duty.

You could be buying trouble– purchasing a used car in Nigeria is just like buying trouble. Almost like every day, wahala! This means double tragedy, although not all used cars are horrible in the actual sense it is stressful to cross-check them during shopping. Of course, you do not want to inspect up to 30 used vehicles in the bazaar.

Final Thoughts

Our final verdict is that for you to bring in a car from the famous Cotonou once you are sure that you have a reliable and trusted hand to help you smuggle it in the right way. Make sure that you have a full import duty, which has been paid for too.  

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