Returning To School-How to Cope With Challenges

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Schools in Europe are finally reopening slowly after the first wave of the pandemic. With the second wave just getting started, large measures are in place to avoid any surge in the number of cases. Kids who are returning to school are set to face a lot of challenges.

In this article, we’ll be taking a look at the three biggest challenges that your kids may face in school and how they can be solved.

Challenges And Solutions Kids will face On Returning to School

So here are some challenges parents can expect.


Let’s admit it. It’s going to be a battle to make our kids observe social distancing. Kids simply love interacting with their friends and playing. It’s where they really come alive. So explaining to your kids that they may not do that the way they want might be a problem. This is worsened because of the many months they have spent at home already.

The solution? It’s all hands on deck. The school and parents all have a role to play in ensuring compliance to the health regulations.


While e-learning formed a part of our educational institutions, it was definitely not the primary part. Since the pandemic though, students returning to school will have to get used to virtual classes. This helps to reinforce social distancing and to curb the rate of infections. This might be a problem to students with limited abilities and other students without the right devices.

The solution? Parents can help their children get laptops that can be used for learning. If you stay in Italy, then HONOR might be of help. Their huge discount in Italy is one reason why you should check them out. You can save a lot of funds.

Students at a higher risk

The pandemic is still very much alive. Students at a higher risk stand a greater mortality rates. This can pose a problem especially if there’s an outbreak in school. This can lead to genuine problems.

The solution? The school and their health officers should be alert to any symptoms shown by a student in school. Quickly isolating the child can prevent an outbreak from occurring. They should always be on hand to assist the higher risk students when the need arises.

Doing this will ensure that kids returning to school have a seamless transition.

What can I do if my kid is returning to school?

The best thing to do is to prepare your kid mentally. Also, make sure that they have all they need to enjoy the learning process. This includes getting them devices for their e-learning and other important necessities. It can prove crucial to your child’s education.

Final Thoughts

So there you have it! The pandemic might last until the New Year’s Eve. However, schools definitely cannot wait that long. While it’s imperative to reopen schools, it’s important that we face these challenges head on.

Getting your child ready for school means that you are playing your part in stopping this pandemic for good.

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