Show Your Love with Canvas Pet Portraits

by Hayley
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A lot of pet lovers are decorating their homes with canvas pet portraits to show their love. There is no doubt how much joy and laughter a pet can bring to a household, and one way to express this is to commemorate their existence through wall art!

But is getting canvas pet portraits stepping over the line? Of course not! Here are more reasons why you should get one for your home!

Pets are family

The animals you feed and take care of are part of your family! I bet they also end up in your family portraits.

As part of your family, you would want to have solo pictures of them in the house too! Having canvas pet portraits shows off how important your pets are to you.

Canvas pet portraits are great icebreakers

Having guests or visitors in your home? I bet they would comment on your pet portrait. They are great conversation starters – especially if your guests happen to be pet parents too!

They might even go home wanting to have one of their own too! Make sure to recommend the business that did the printing for you!

They can be fun

You can edit the picture of your pet to make it more fun as a canvas wall art.

A popular trend in canvas pet portraits today is to cut off your pet’s heads and replace the heads on famous paintings.

Some would even place a witty quote beneath the picture of their pet. You can also have your pet’s name written on the canvas.

Canvas pet portraits are unique

Your pets are unique – their portraits should be unique too. One way to ensure that they are unique is to have their images immortalized in canvas like a real painting!

If you are a good artist, you can even draw your dog now and then scan your artwork so that you can have it printed out on a canvas later.

Another way to make sure your pet portraits are unique is to capture them making their distinct habits. For instance, a dog that loves to dig holes in the backyard should be pictured in a yard full of holes. Or a cat with a permanent sitting spot in the house should be pictured while she is using that spot.

They are an excellent memorabilia

We have all seen the sad movies about loyal pets outliving their owners. But in real life, our pets often leave us first.

You never know when their journey ends. Having canvas pet portraits of them will help you and your family remember the happy moments they brought into your lives.

Pet generation

You can also use canvas pet portraits to document the generations of pets in your family.

People usually take a picture for every generation or every time a new member is welcomed to the family. You can do the same concept for your pets!

Last thoughts

Remember, you can’t be a proud pet parent if you do not have pictures of your pets! What better way to show your love for your pets than to get canvas pet portraits of them?

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