July 14, 2020

10 Stunning Vanities Ideas for Your Modern Bathroom

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have a stylish   luxurious bathroom. Some of the impressively designed basin or vanity is affordable. To help you out on finding the right bunnings vanity furniture for your bathroom, below are ten gorgeous vanities that you can consider purchasing.   

  • Roca International Stratum

This sustainable bathroom vanity is a combination of elegance   technology. This contemporary bathroom vanity has unique features that provide convenience   comfort to the users. It is available in an attractive color combination of gloss white   textured Yosemite   with the following features auxiliary socket, Bluetooth speakers, internal lighting, soft close drawers,   Stratum-N vanity vitreous China basin.  

  • Map or Art Cabinet

If you want something very functional for your bathroom, these maps or art cabinets are perfect for the room. They have deep drawers where you can place your toiletries   other bathroom essentials on it. The recyclable cabinets are wide enough to accommodate two sinks   can be customized to the depth   functionality you want. 

  • Verdant Green Vanity Drawer

This is not the usual drawer you see in the bathroom, but it is very useful. It is an excellent add-on for your plain bathroom. The best example of how thinking outside the box can provide better outcomes. 

  • Duravit L-Cube Vanity Units 

This vanity drawer provides tranquillity, clarity,   space. The designer’s primary purpose in designing this vanity unit is to get rid of unnecessary elements to provide a simple yet elegant bathroom. A bathroom with fewer distractions can help you relax   unwind.

  • Waterfall Eco-Friendly Bathroom Drawers

The main objective of the design of these bathroom drawers is to make the room look cleaner. It comes in convenient sizes that will perfectly fit the space in your bathroom. Since the place is intended for regenerating   purifying oneself, it is just right to provide furniture that reflects this function. It is available in various colors   made of eco-friendly materials. It makes a perfect choice for any bathroom, small or large. 

  • Filing Cabinet Vanity Drawers

This type of cabinets is no longer in dem  for storing documents since paperless transactions are being promoted. But with those shallow drawers, it is perfect for storing your bathroom essentials   other toiletries. The vanity drawers are made of an old wooden filing cabinet with metal h les. The top is made of white marble wide enough for two sinks.

  • Strawboard Vanities

If you are looking for a great alternative to the st ard medium density particle board, the strawboard is a perfect choice. It is made of compressed straw taken from a highly renewable byproduct. 

  • Stone Forest Inspired Furniture

It is a combination of classic   modern design made of natural materials that include bronze, iron, hardwoods, stone, bamboo,   copper. The furniture has no adverse effect on the environment. This vanity is made of 100% recycled materials. 

  • Midcentury Sideboard

This classic sideboard will provide a nostalgic look in your bathroom. It has two sliding doors underneath with a spacious room for the countertop. With its retro design, it will look good on your colored palette bathroom that provides a soft   contemporary look. 

  • Antique Buffet Vanity Furniture

It is made of rich, dark wood having detailed hardware with several drawers   doors to store your bathroom essentials   other accessories. It has turquoise enamel sink,   since it has off-center plumbing, you can place it behind one door. 

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