The Buying Guide for Women’s Backpack

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Buying a backpack for traveling can be a daunting task because you might be unsure of where to start from. Before buying a sac à dos femme, you might have a lot of questions going on in your head. For example, you probably ask yourself questions such as “what size of backpack should I buy?”, “is an adjustable backpack system better?”, or “are there any significant differences between women’s backpacks or unisex backpacks?”

Well, this post aims to help you make the right choice as you consider getting a women’s backpack.

What to Consider before Buying a Women’s Backpack

In this case, size matters

Let’s face it, men and women are built completely differently and men can simply handle the weight of larger backpacks compared to women. For this reason, when buying a women’s backpack, a lot of attention should be given to the size of the backpack that you can handle without any stress. Preferably, petite women should not carry more than a 70-liter backpack. Even then, most women’s backpacks are around that same capacity.

One of the major size differences between unisex and women’s backpacks is in the back length of the backpacks. Unisex backpacks have a longer back length compared to women’s backpacks which are designed for women with shorter torsos. However, if you are a bit tall, a unisex backpack might be a better option.

Top-loading or front-loading backpacks

Essentially, generally, you can find just two of backpacks. These are the top-styled and front- styled backpacks. Top-styled backpacks as the name suggests, are backpacks that load from the top. This means that if you want to recover an item at the bottom of the bad, you’ll have to dig deep or simply remove the items.

Front-styled backpacks, on the other hand, usually have a zipper that goes around the front of the backpack or a zipper at the top, and one at the bottom. Most backpacks these days are front-loading.

Availability of a daypack-inclusive bag

A daypack-inclusive backpack has a separate backpack that can be unzipped from the main backpack. The daypack can be used during the day if you decide to tour the city. So, if you feel you’ll need a backpack with a daypack-inclusive bag, feel free to go for it.

However, if you feel that it is a bit pricey, you can buy a smaller backpack that you can fold into the main backpack when traveling. At the end of the day, you’re the one who gets to make that decision.

Consider the cost as well

To be honest, backpacks can be quite expensive. However, if you get a top-quality backpack and can properly maintain it, such a backpack can last for years (5-10 years). So, at the end of the day, the price is worth it and it’s a really good investment.


It is important you try out the backpack and not just buy one because it fits your budget. It won’t be a great idea to buy a bag you’re not comfortable wearing just because it is affordable. Consider your comfort first, and then make a choice based on your budget.

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