Tips for Choosing a Metal Garden Hose

by Hayley
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If you have been using a rubber or plastic hose to water your garden, then you know you must deal with kinking and tangling. Fortunately, you can overcome these challenges by using a metal garden hose. It can be made of stainless steel or aluminum, and it does not tangle or kink. You will enjoy the ease of use, durability, and flexibility. Moreover, the hose can withstand harsh weather conditions. Buy now the best metal garden hose at a competitive price. These are the important things to pay attention to when choosing a metal garden hose.

Hose Length

The garden hose length ranges from 25 ft to 300 ft. Many gardeners opt for a longer hose to help them with their watering needs. However, a longer hose is heavier and difficult to move around. In addition, it is expensive and challenging to store. It is not advisable to connect small hoses as it is not only expensive but makes the garden look clumsy. You should measure the farthest length of your garden. Make sure you purchase a garden hose that is longer than the length of the garden. In this way, you do not have to stretch out, as this can cause snags and leaks.

Hose Size

You should note that the diameter of your metal garden hose has an impact on the water flow. Remember that it is the internal diameter of the hose that affects the flow rate and not the external one. It is recommended to get a 5/8 –inch hose because it is an ideal combination of pressure and water flow. Remember that standard household piping has a ½-inch diameter. If you need a hose that is easy to carry, you should consider this one.


The metal garden hose is made of two materials: the inner material and the outer material. Usually, the metal is the outer material, whereas the inner material is polyurethane, PVC, or rubber. The outer material protects your hose from rust, dullness, and breakage. It is advisable to flush out debris or water from your metal garden hose before you store it.

Hose Pressure and Strength

Burst pressure is used to measure the strength of the garden hose. Burst pressure can be defined as water pressure that can rupture the hose. Make sure you check the PSI rating as it is the maximum amount of pressure your metal garden hose can handle without getting damaged.


The area where a garden hose gets attached to the water supply is called fitting or coupling. Ideally, it is the end piece that is attached to spigots, nozzles, and sprinklers. Common fittings are made of plastic and metal.


It is advisable to consider flexibility when choosing a metal garden hose. That is because a flexible hose is easy to move and store. Also, flexibility prevents kinking and tangling. If your hose is not flexible, then it is likely to kink easily. You should note that kinking shortens the lifespan of your garden hose.


You should check the durability of your metal garden hose by checking its build quality and construction material. Always go for the most durable hose garden you can get.

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