What fabric is your sofa cover made from?

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Sofa covers are also called slipcovers. They are a protective covering placed over your sofa. Sofa covers are usually made from fabric and are regarded as clothing for sofa/ furniture. These covers can easily be removed and washed or changed. Known as housse canapé d angle in French, sofa covers are quite popular.

Sofa covers originated as far back as the European medieval period. Initially, they were placed over fine furniture that was not in use. In the 18th century, wealthy folks used custom-made sofa covers as seasonal furnishing. Before the advent of air conditioning, in the hot season of the year sofa covers are slipped over furniture to protect them from sweat and heat. Most of them were made from plastic or vinyl.

Sofa covers now come in different designs and fabrics. You can change the look of your room by changing your sofa cover. Stretchy and elastic fabric is often used these days. Sofa covers come in a variety of materials. Some covers are even knitted. Sofa covers are massively produced in industries for every shape and size of a sofa.

Types of fabric used for sofa covers

There are a variety of fabrics used for producing sofa covers. You just have to pick which is comfortable and convenient for you. Here are a few of them.


Cotton is the most common kind of sofa cover and it is very comfortable. It is an excellent choice for sofa and chair covers due to its light nature. They can easily be washed and is often machine-friendly. Cotton often gives a soft look to a room and often has a nice feel on the skin. Cotton sofa covers are mostly long-lasting.

Polyester cotton blend

Just like the name implies, it is a perfect blend of two different materials to retain the best qualities of the parent materials. While polyester is a synthetic material with strong fiber, cotton is lightweight and natural. Polyester can resist wrinkling while cotton resists high temperature and breathes. Polyester cotton-blend sofa covers are very durable and easy to maintain.


Twill is a textile weave where filling threads pass over warp threads to give a fabric a unique pattern. Twill sofa covers can be made from different materials. They are either pure cotton or polyester cotton blend. Twill generally resists staining. If the thread count in twill is high, it can resist water damage. They are machine-friendly and can easily be maintained.


Stretch sofa covers are made from a blend of polyester and spandex. They can easily be cleaned and placed back on the sofa. Stretch sofa covers often come in different colors hence, there is a variety of colors to choose from.


Suede is thin leather with a napped surface. Suede sofa covers are made from synthetic spandex blends. They are either purely polyester or polyester-spandex blend. Suede sofa covers are excellent for furniture since they are water and stain-resistant.

Sofa covers are interesting pieces of furnishes that can ultimately change the look of your room. They come in very handy at a different season of the year. No matter the fabric used for your sofa cover, they can make an old sofa look new again.

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