Where can you find Name Necklaces?

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Name necklaces or namenskette have been around for quite a while now and are not going anywhere soon. As the name implies, name necklaces are necklaces that have names engraved on them. It could be your name, your loved one’s name, your pet’s name, or any name you find appealing and would love to be associated with.

Names are not just only for identification. They connect with your spirit and soul. Little wonder, people act according to the names they are called. Name necklaces help people identify with you at first glance.

Name necklaces became a fashion trend in the ’80s. They rose to fashion worthiness alongside hip-hop music as several hip-hop artists had their names engraved on their necklaces. Over time, name necklaces began to mean more to people than just a fashion trend. Nowadays, people take names necklaces more personally than they used to. It is a means of identification that connect friends and family.

Name necklaces are made from fine materials such as gold, brass, steel, and silver. One of the benefits of getting a name necklace is that you can pick the style, letter fonts, and design of your necklace. They are custom-made to suit you.

This article will be looking at some of the reasons you need a name necklace and what they signify.

Where to get name necklaces

Name necklaces can be gotten from any jewelry store or online retail. Due to its rise in demand, several jewelers offer services of engraving names on jewelry for individuals. It is quite easy to customize names on jewelry. With an array of designs on the internet, it is easier for jewelers to be more creative when making custom-made jewelry.

Before placing an order for your jewelry from an online store, be sure to know the materials they use and if they have positive feedback from their old clients.

Here’s why Name Necklaces are Important

1. Its uniqueness

Name necklaces are a unique type of jewelry that draws attention to you. If you love being the center of attraction then a name necklace is definitely for you.

2. They are trendy

Trends come and go every day but name necklaces have remained trendy for a very long time. Celebrities now have their names or brand identity engraved on their necklaces or other forms of jewelry.

3. Strengthens relationships

Name necklaces are excellent gifts for your loved ones. Its shows how important they are to you. When you gift someone a name necklace, they will always remember and cherish you.

4. Identity and individuality

Like a badge, name necklaces are a means of identification as well as individuality. People engrave names or symbols that them, their cultures or, heritage. Name necklaces always make a statement. You can easily identify a person or brand with them.


Name necklaces range from luxury jewelry to basic jewelry. They have found their way from big fashion shows to the girl next door. When it comes to gifts, name necklaces are better appreciated and welcomed. Even when you are on a budget, you can make your loved one smile so bright and love you more.

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